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We love clean. We live green. Here are some of the things that we do every day to protect our natural resources.

Water Misers

Water is fundamental not just to a clean car but to every form of life, so we treat it with the respect that it deserves. Our high-intensity nozzles allows us to wash cars at a super low usage rate of 23 gallons per car. Compare that to most automatic car washes that typically use 40-60 gallons, or washing your car in your driveway which can use 80-100 gallons. And those 23 gallons that we use - we recapture them and recycle them, so the actual use is quite a bit less. All the more for the fishies.

Rewarding the Likeminded

We love to encourage eco-mindedness. So we offer a 50% discount to hybrid and electric vehicles for platinum exterior washes.

Down to the last detail

We truly believe that small actions add up to huge effects, so we recycle all of the trash that we take out of cars and we avoid the hazardous disposal of aerosol cans by never using them to begin with. We work hard to find eco-friendly options that do the job as well as, or often better than, the old standbys.

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Lather, rinse, repeat

Our unlimited wash memberships start out as low as $40/mo.
Receive 10% all full detailing services as well as discounts at other local businesses.


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23 Gallons of Water Per Car Icon

23 Gallons of Water Per Car Icon