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  • Q: Do I have to make an appointment?

    Exterior & Full Service Washes: These services are first come, first served.

    Express Packages: Express services are first come, first served. Although wait times will vary based on volume and staffing levels.

    Full Detail Packages: An appointment is necessary, but walk-ins may be taken depending on availability.


  • Q: What is a soft touch car wash and what are the advantages over other types of washes?

    Canton Car Wash uses foam and soft cloth to provide for the best possible wash. Touchless car washes can't break the bond between dirt and your clear coat leaving behind grit on the surface of your vehicle. This grit can get ground in during the drying process causing light scratches. Touchless systems also rely on harsher chemicals which aren't good for your vehicle's finish or the environment. In comparison, our equipment heavily lubricates each vehicle with biodegradable detergents and allows our systems to gently clean the vehicle.  Our soft touch safely and effectively removes dirt so it won't cause further damage to your clear coat.

    Having automated machines do all the work guarantees that we provide the same high level of quality day in and day out. Our machines never come to work tired, sick or hungover, ensuring that your vehicle is safe and receiving the same precise wash each and every time.

  • Q: How long does a car wash take?

    A full service interior clean typically takes 20 minutes give or take 5 minutes depending on how busy we are. Exterior only wash takes 5 minutes.

  • Q: Do I have to make an appointment for a car wash?

    No appointment is required for any exterior car wash, full service interior cleaning or express detail services.

  • Q: What is your busiest day?

    Our slowest days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Our busiest days are Saturday, Sunday and Friday (in that order). We see exceptionally high volume when we re-open after several days of rain, during pollen season and when vehicles have salt on them after a snow fall.

  • Q: What are your slowest times?

    Our slowest days are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. Peak hours during week days tend to be between 11:30-1:30 and from 3:30-5:30. Friday and Saturday are our busiest days provided the weather is clear.

  • Q: What time do you take the last car?

    We take our last car up until the minute we close. We do close when wet road conditions occur.

  • Q: I bought the Platinum Wash. How does the 24 hour rain guarantee work?

    If it rains within 24 hours of getting our platinum wash you can come back and have the exterior of the vehicle washed for free. To do so you must return within the next 24 hrs that we are open and show your receipt as your proof and date of purchase.

  • Q: What size vehicles can fit through the car wash tunnel?

    Abingdon, Canton (Ponca Street) & Nottingham locations: Vehicles going through our wash tunnel cannot be more than 7'2" in height and must be more than 5" off the ground. Wheels must be smaller than 12.5" in width and dually trucks will not fit on our conveyor.

    All other locations: Vehicles going through our wash tunnel cannot be more than 7'2" in height and must be more than 2” off the ground. All new locations are dually friendly and can handle any tire width as large as a dually truck.

  • Q: What type of racks are allowed through the car wash?

    Aftermarket racks (roof racks, bike racks, ladder racks, etc. that are purchased separately) are not recommended to go through the car wash as they may cause damage to vehicles or equipment. Some racks may be outrightly denied entrance. As clearly stated by signage at each location, customers going through with any type of aftermarket rack is at the owners own risk. Customers should remove any aftermarket rack prior to entrance. Manufacturer-installed roof racks may proceed with no issues.


  • Q: How long do the various full and express services take?

    Details depend on the service, size of your vehicle and how many other vehicles are ahead of yours. Generally speaking our full detailing services can take anywhere from 1-4 hours in addition to the wash. Express detailing services tend to take about 20-45 minutes in addition to the wash. Feel free to call or speak with a manager on site to get a better idea of the timeframe involved with the detail service you desire.

  • Q: Do I have to make an appointment for a detail?

    An appointment is necessary for any Full Detail package. Express Details are on a first come, first served basis. We encourage customers to call their desired location for an estimated wait time. Click this link to schedule a Full Detail today: https://cantoncarwash.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php

  • Q: What are the differences between the various waxes you provide?

    Carnauba Hot Wax: Our most economical wax which is applied in our tunnel as a liquid wax. Carnauba Hot Wax helps protect your vehicle's finish as well as repel water from all surfaces including windows.

    Express Wax: A polish wax applied with neumatic buffers and removed by hand to provide a showroom finish on new or used paint. Lasts for up to 90 days.

  • Q: How often should I wax my vehicle?

    We recommend that you wax your vehicle at least every three months with either our Express Wax and monthly with our Hot Wax.

  • Q: I just got the interior detail and my carpets are wet, are there any aftercare instructions?

    Absolutely! Mats should be placed outside of the vehicle until carpets are fully dry. We recommend letting the heat run on high directed at the floor to speed the drying process up. Leaving the window cracked about 1/2 inch is also recommend until the vehicle is completely dry. This allows for any vapor to escape from the vehicle and prevents any damp odors from developing.


  • Q: Since I’m a member, do I get any discounts?

    Yes! 10% off any Full Detail. Members also get a discounted price on our popular Express Detail.

  • Q: Why can’t I receive my emailed receipts?

    Receipts are emailed from CANTMD-001@SiteWatchMail.net. Be sure to mark this address as safe and check your spam folder.

  • Q: What should I do if I bought a new vehicle and want to transfer the membership?

    The new vehicle can be updated with the cashier during your next visit. Keep in mind, the vehicle can only be updated once every 60 days.

  • Q: What is the cancellation process?

    Cancellations must be done online with the provided link below. Cancellations should be submitted prior the recharge date to prevent any unwanted charges. Once the membership is cancelled, you can continue to use your membership until close of business, the day prior to your next billing  date.


  • Q: My vehicle is being worked on. Can I transfer the membership to my rental car or another vehicle?

    Unfortunately, we do not update memberships to rental cars. Please provide your rental agreement to the management team and they can send you through for a squeaky clean car.

  • Q: When does my membership recharge?

    Your membership will recharge on each monthly anniversary of your signup date. For instance, if you initially enroll in our membership program on the 5th of the month, your credit card will be charged on the 5th every month going forward, until you cancel. Keep in mind, if you sign up for the membership between the days 29th-31st then your recharge date will automatically be set to the 28th of every month.

  • Q: How do I update my credit card on file?

    You can update your payment method in store with the cashier during your next visit, or online with the link provided below.


  • Q: Where can I find the terms and conditions of my membership agreement?

    The membership agreement can be found online with the link provided below.


  • Q: I have another vehicle, can I add it to my account?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer a multi-car discount. Each vehicle will have its own account.


  • Q: What services are available for my fundraiser?

    Packages for fundraising vary based on your organization’s preferences. We can offer open gift card amounts and wash packages for either our Exterior Only or Full Service washes.

  • Q: Are these gift cards and packages good at any Canton Car Wash? Do they expire?

    Yes, gift cards and packages are good at any location and they do not expire.

  • Q: How long do we have to complete the fundraiser?

    The total running time for the program is 30 days from the day materials get to you. This includes collection of payment and delivery of gift cards/packages to your organization.

  • Q: How long until I get my order?

    All orders will be filled within 3-5 business days of order forms and payment being collected.

  • Q: What types of payment are accepted?

    We accept all major credit cards, money orders or checks. At the end of your sale, a payment of 50% of your sales will be directed to: Canton Car Wash, 1101 Ponca Street Baltimore, MD 21224. Email info@cantoncarwash.com for any questions.

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